Catching the Light

Catchlights are nothing more than a reflection of light—something I always try to create in the portraits I photograph. These specular highlights help attract the viewer's attention, and makes for a dynamic photo.

Tip #245: You can easily replicate this effect yourself without having expensive lighting gear. Stand facing a sun-lit window and have someone take your photo. Move closer to the window to create larger catchlights.

My Father

Just like Grandma Edith (his Mother) my Father would say "I probably broke your camera" every single time I photographed him. He'll wrinkle his nose when I tell him he is on my blog, but I'm very proud of him. My father has my highest respect, and he's a Veteran of the Vietnam War.

He's a true hero to me. He's always been there for me and my family. He took care of my Mother for years before her passing—as well as all four of my grandparents, in their remaining years. Always putting others before himself, even if it takes a toll on his own health. He is my greatest friend—my dad, Roger. This is in honor of you on Veteran's Day. 

✩✩✩ Star Light, Star Bright! ✩✩✩

My MOST FAVORITE beach on the West coast is Pacific Beach State Park. You can literally RV and/or camp within a few feet of the sand, and it's never crowded! Every time I'm there, I always spend hours photographing the night's sky. Here's a few long exposures taken in almost complete darkness. The moon was very bright, and almost resembles the sun making for some interesting landscapes. For most of these, the shutter was open anywhere from thirty seconds to a few minutes, resulting in the star-trails that you see in the background.

✩ Gonzalez Family ✩

A sincere thank you to the Gonzalez family for commissioning me to photograph their beautiful family at a park in downtown Vancouver, WA.

Since most of us spend the majority of our day working hard to provide for our families, we all like to be reminded throughout the day of those we are working for. Adorable photographs like these on our office desks can make a long day at work, suddenly pass by in a flash. I'm a huge believer in capturing those candid moments which are the most true-to-life photographs. This is why I love photography, I'm able to freeze a moment in time, and give it to someone who can now cherish that moment forever.

The second photograph is one of my favorites due to the negative space around the family, it's a subtle way to frame them. "Show me your FUNNY FACE!" is an essential phrase in my linguistic arsenal of capturing smiles from children. I love how their eyes light up when I mention the characters out of their favorite movies, it's a sure way to get a genuine smile.

Cover of Global Traveler Magazine [ ✓ ]

Taking just a few minutes to photograph, this landscape of Cannon Beach, Oregon turned into quite a little success for me. A few months ago, I entered this photograph in a Facebook contest sponsored by Tamron Lenses and Global Traveler Magazine (a luxury travel magazine). My photo made it as a Top 20 Finalist, then selected as the winner; which resulted in a new Tamron lens! A week later I was notified by a representative from the magazine; they wanted to use my photo for their cover of the August issue. I was so ecstatic! What an accomplishment! 

✩ Art & Lisa ✩

HUGE CONGRATS to Art & Lisa on their wedding day!

This beautiful couple was amazing to photograph. Art looked dashing in his full Marine uniform, and Lisa was simply stunning! They brought a range of photo suggestions to the pre-wedding consultation, which was an awesome idea! For new and potential clients: I always welcome your ideas because these are your photos.  

We lucked out with a gorgeous sunny day at the estate of the Bride's mother and father after it had rained earlier that morning. The property supplied us with gorgeous backdrops for all of the creative images Art and Lisa were looking for. Congrats and here's to many years of wedded bliss with this loving couple.

Highly Energetic, Positive Fitness!

Will, a Personal Trainer local to the Portland area was in need of some fresh headshots and images (showing his hands-on coaching style) for various social media outlets, along with his future website. Will said it's important for him to show his engagement with each of his clients, and that his positive and energetic attitude is the most successful way of encouraging his clients to put forth their greatest effort. Shooting in the mid-day heat, this group was all-smiles and full of energy. I added a few jump-shots at the end to add a sense of finished achievement.